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The Ultimate Modern Family!!

One Monday afternoon we received a text asking us if we had any availability for that coming Sunday. We were a bit taken aback because we don't typically book sessions via text, especially with such short notice, but mostly because she was asking if we would be willing to photograph herself and her wife who were BOTH pregnant, their pups AND their friends who are also the fathers of their babies!!! Thankfully we were available that day as we were incredibly excited to have the opportunity to photograph such a unique family. Carla said her wife, Mariely, definitely wanted to have their session on a beach but weren't sure which one. We knew this session was going to be spectacular so we suggested doing a sunrise session at New Smyrna Dunes to make sure the scenery was just as spectacular. Like me, Carla wasn't a fan of getting up at the crack of dawn to have her hair and makeup done in time for sunrise and wasn't sure if her make up artist would be willing to either but I promised her it would be well worth the hassle!

Unfortunately the boardwalk was under construction so we weren't able to make it in time for twilight photos but the sky was gorgeous that morning and still made for a magnificent backdrop! On the long walk down the boardwalk to the beach we learned that Carla and Mariely are both nurses which we thought was pretty cool! They were best friends who fell in love and have been together for 11 years now! They finally married 2 years ago and are so excited to be starting this new journey together. Carla and Alex had been friends for many years and Carla always knew she wanted Alex to be the father of her baby. Alex and Juni have been together for 8 years now and are coming up on their 3 year wedding anniversary! When Mariely and Carla decided to both carry a child they naturally thought of Juni and knew he would be a wonderful father for their baby. I couldn't believe it when they told us that Carla was having a girl and Mariely was having a boy, just a few weeks apart; how perfect!! These children will grow up together knowing they're surrounded by love.

The ladies wore beautiful dresses from Motherhood, Mariely in navy since she was carrying a boy and Carla in white (although she really wanted it in pink 😉). They were both absolutely stunning! They looked like Grecian goddesses so we posed them on the craggy rocks for some dramatic shots. We photographed them all together, the girls by themselves and as a couple and then took some portraits of the girls and the respective fathers of their children. The guys were so handsome and such an adorable couple, we couldn't help but photograph them too!

Then we walked down to where the ocean met the sand and just watched as the girls laughed together and kissed each other lovingly. There were so many beautiful moments during their session, you could really feel the love they share. 💓 I love being a photographer because I get to watch moments like this on a daily basis and call it "work"!!

After getting those playful shots the ladies changed into different outfits so we could include their first babies, their puppies! Djay and Hashi are both chihuahua's and as cute as can be. Djay was older and bigger, Hashi was sooo tiny with beautiful piercing blue eyes and a blue merle coat. The pups were super hyper and too excited to be at the beach so it was definitely a challenge to get them to pose but we were finally able to get a shot of the whole family together including the pups!

lesbian maternity session at New Smyrna Beach Dunes

We can't wait for Matteo and Marla to arrive, we know their birth and newborn sessions are going to be incredible to say the least!!

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