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Emory & Elliott - Twinning!

We first met Brittany & Jordan when we did their maternity session at the beautiful Kraft Azalea park in Winter Park. We photographed her at 27 weeks for two reasons - her pregnancy was considered high risk so she was recently placed on bed rest and we wanted to make sure she felt as beautiful as possible while still being comfortable. It was there we learned they intended on naming the twin girls Emory and Elliott which we thought were such unique and cool names for girls! The sunlight fell perfectly on Brittany casting a gorgeous golden glow, it was a perfect day for photos!!

I kept checking in on Brittany every so often and each time was so happy to hear the girls were thriving! Brittany and I spent time discussing the theme and styling for her newborn session and discovered a mutual love of the color grey! Brittany requested a rainbow be incorporated into her session as these precious baby girls were her Rainbow Babies. Saddened to hear this, I set out to find a suitable way to honor her lost child. What was incredible to us was that while editing Brittany's maternity session we noticed that one of her images had two little lens flares that looked like tiny rainbows!

sunset maternity session at Kraft Azalea park in Winter Park - pregnant with twin girls

The twins finally arrived on May 22nd, incredibly healthy weighing in at 7lbs 7oz and 7lbs 4oz! Fraternal twins, one looked just like her mama and the other favored her father. Brittany sent us photos of them from the hospital and we squealed with excitement over how beautiful they were!! We were also super excited because our newest prop, a vintage style scroll bed that perfectly fits newborn twins, arrived the day before!

Brittany & Jordan came to our studio for their newborn session a week later where we surprised her with the newborn bed prop as well as sweet flower crowns we just got in, one of which was grey! She showed us one of the cool presents she received from a friend that she wanted to incorporate into her session somehow - a pillow with all of their names on it. Brittany gave us full reign to use whatever props and colors we would prefer (YAY!) and settled in to our leather sectional recliner to relax.

Over the course of the next few hours we did multiple scene setups of both the twins together and each baby girl separately. They were so precious and modeled for us beautifully! We used a hand dyed wool layering piece to represent her Rainbow baby in an elegant way before cuddling the girls together in the vintage newborn bed. When she arrived, Brittany warned us that the girls pooped pretty frequently but none of us were prepared for just how much! LOL! Amanda almost got poop on her head at one point and I ended up with some dripping down my forearm by the end of the session!! It was all so worth it though, we are in love with the resulting images!

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