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Old friends and new photos

Jackie and I have known each other since we were little kids so I was honored when she reached out to me for her family's first professional portrait session. Her son, Bradley, is also going into his senior year of high school so she wanted to add a senior portrait session. Senior portraits are one of my favorite types of sessions, I love capturing teenagers at this stage in their life. :)

We sent Jackie our "what to wear" guide and she hit the nail on the head with their outfits! They were such naturals from the beginning, we couldn't believe this was their first professional session! Jackie and her hubby Erik were so cute together. :)

Our original session date got rained out so we were thankful to be able to have their session that day. It was super hot and muggy but they still rocked their session! Toward the end of our session the clouds started swirling and forming a funnel which made for a cool background!!

We had impeccably timing because as soon as we left we received tornado warnings on our phones and the sky opened up! Here are some more from their session!!

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