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These are a few of our favorite things!

Anyone who knows us knows we love animals so whenever our clients ask if they can include their fur babies we always tell them we'd love to! Jennifer and Garrett were one of those couples who decided to bring their two pitbulls to their newborn session. Roscoe was Garrett's first "baby", he got him 10 years ago before he even met Jennifer so he has a very special place in his heart. Bolo is their younger pitbull, he's almost 2 years old and we could definitely tell the difference between them! Roscoe was like an old man, he just wanted to lay down and was very protective of the baby and Bolo was very playful and didn't want to sit still. LOL 

family with newborn baby boy and two pitbulls

We meet a lot of babies and tend to hear a lot of the same names, so it's surprising when parents choose a name we've never heard of before. Jennifer and Garrett wanted something different so they named their son Kyland which we thought was very interesting and unique! 

family with newborn baby boy hugging
mother holding newborn baby son

Sometimes parents have a request for a specific shot and usually we won't copy it because we feel that it's disrespectful to the original photographer. Jennifer had a special request for a pose that had a sentimental reason behind it. Garrett's best friend had taken this shot during his own newborn session and Garrett was the godfather of his son. Jennifer asked if we could replicate the pose so that the two best friends could have matching photos with their two boys. We just couldn't say no!  

father holding newborn baby son

While photographing their parent poses we couldn't help but notice Garrett's cowboy boots. We commented on them and he mentioned that he had actually worn them for their engagement session and their wedding. Naturally we felt that they should also be included for this important life event as well so we quickly switched our setup and posed Garrett and Kyland in order to capture both his boots and the baby. 

father with cowboy boots on and his newborn baby boy

The Sullivan's also brought Garrett's military dress jacket which we were happy to include. Garrett was a 3rd battalion army ranger and they wanted to commemorate his time in service. Jennifer was hungry so he stepped out to grab her some lunch and while he was gone we created the scene with his jacket. At first we were bummed that he was missing it but then we realized that it actually worked out better this way because it would be a lovely surprise for him! 

newborn baby boy in army ranger military dress jacket

 Jennifer & Garrett are from Tallahassee and are huge FSU fans. Garrett was gifted a helmet signed by Bobby Bowden who was the head coach there for many years. We had already talked about incorporating the FSU colors garnet and gold into his session with the blanket and wrap but their addition of the helmet and teddy bear were perfect. :) Needless to say, this little guy is a future Seminole!! 

newborn baby boy with FSU helmet and teddy bear

 We are grateful to our loyal clients for referring the Sullivan's to us! They were such an awesome couple and so great to work with. We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for this beautiful family!! 

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