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The Missing Piece

Jenny and I go wayyyyy back. We went through middle and high school together so it's kind of crazy to think we're now both happily married with kids. :) Jon & Jenny also met in middle school and as a matter of fact their first kiss was in my brother's driveway shortly after high school. The two have been happily married for 9 years now and have a beautiful little girl named Taylor. Jenny & Jon have been trying to add to their family for a very long time so you can imagine our excitement when she called to tell us the good news! We met up the following week for a quick pregnancy announcement session with Taylor. Boy was it hard keeping that secret!! Here are a couple shots from her adorable session.

Baby Chandler arrived via scheduled c-section weighing a whopping 8 lbs, 11oz and was 19 inches long making him our biggest boy this year! Jenny had mentioned that his nursery was vintage sports themed and that she loved sepia images so we ran with that and included those elements into his session. Jon's an avid golfer so we incorporated some of his personal golf belongings into the scene to make it even more sentimental for him. :)

When Taylor was born they put her footprint on a tie for Jon to wear each year on Father's Day. This time Jenny imprinted his footprint on to a baseball which could be displayed in his room which we thought was such a cute and creative idea! We had her bring that baseball to his session to go with the adorable little baseball outfit we have in our collection.

Taylor is such a good kid. She's super sweet and loving so we already knew she would make a wonderful big sister. It was so beautiful to see her holding and kissing on her baby brother!

We just love how Jenny & Jon are beaming with pride over their little boy. Chandler is the missing piece to their beautiful little family and we're so blessed to call them our friends. 💙

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