Family Ties and Familiar Places

It's always interesting to hear how our clients discovered us. Sometimes it's just a google search for a family portrait photographer but this time it was thanks to someone eavesdropping! The Mees family used to live in Orlando but currently reside in Ohio. Every once in a while they come home to visit their family and earlier this year while visiting they decided to go to the mall. While browsing at a jewelry store they talked about how they needed to get new family portraits taken. The store manager happened to overhear their conversation and gave them our card.

A few days later, Beth reached out to us and we set up a session for the next time they were in town. She told us that Cranes Roost in Altamonte Springs held a special place in their hearts. That was where her husband, Chris, proposed to her so she wanted to have their family portrait taken there which we thought was super sweet. :)

Fast forward to July and we met up with the Mees and Beth's parents for their session. Their little girl Alyssa was as cute as can be! She reminded me of the Welch's grape juice kid with her adorable dimples and beautiful smile. We had a hard time keeping her away from the fountains; it was so entertaining watching her splashing around and scaring herself as it splashed her in the face. She got drenched during our session but didn't have a care in the world! LOL

I love it when we get to photograph grandparents with their grandkids but it's especially awesome when they live out of state because you know they don't have the opportunity to see them all the time. By capturing these memories for them they get to remember the laughter from that day and add these portraits to their family albums. We feel it's incredibly important to preserve the legacy of families and are glad we're able to provide this service to our clients. We had a great time with Beth and her family, they were such sweet people!!

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