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Clients that become family :)

We have been so excited for this newborn session because the Newman's have become like friends to us. Kaylin contacted us to do a family portrait session for them last fall; she wanted to announce her newest pregnancy through this session! We met them at Kraft Azalea Park in Winter Park for their session where we found out that their daughters, Hannah and Jessalyn, unfortunately had a negative experience with a previous photographer. We were determined to change that so we started to play some games with the girls while photographing them and since it was fall we decided to incorporate little pumpkins into their session to announce the baby growing in her belly. :) Our plan worked and they had such a great time. So much that Kaylin asked us to photograph her maternity AND newborn session!! We were thrilled but man, what a wait it was going to be!

sisters - family portrait session at Kraft Azalea Park in Winter Park
sisters - family portrait session at Kraft Azalea Park in Winter Park

Fast forward to Kaylin's maternity session - the girls remembered us and were super excited to hang out again. Kaylin told us they were having a boy and had decided on naming him Lukas. She brought her sonogram picture to use during her session and thanks to fantastic 4D technology we could already tell he was going to be adorable!! The session was filled with lots of laughter and squeals as the girls ran and played. They were so sad when our session came to an end. It was such a hot day that I mentioned it was a perfect day for ice-cream to try and distract the kids. Kaylin's husband, Brandon, mentioned that they were obsessed with a local ice-cream shop we hadn't heard of. As he was explaining where it was located we realized it was actually on our way home! Amanda and I glanced at each other and knew what the other was thinking. We thought it would be fun to surprise them by showing up there! A few minutes later we jumped out of the car much to the girls delight and joined them for some yummy ice-cream!

Little Lukas made his grand entrance to the world on May 22nd weighing in at 8lbs 7oz and was 20.5 inches long, our biggest boy so far this year! The Newman's arrived with Kaylin's mother who was going to be getting her portrait taken with all three grandkids. Lukas was even cuter than we imagined! We kept catching ourselves saying how pretty he was!! 😆 Our assistant Cindy had made a wooden bed prop for his session but he was so big he barely fit in it!! Since Kaylin requested we use blues and greys we also used our brand new robins egg blue backdrop which looked amazing with his skin tone. Lukas was such a good baby, we got so many great shots it was really hard to stop ourselves. We seriously cannot WAIT to photograph Lukas and his sisters again!!

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